Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Amanda Blake, The Bang Gang & Apache Runners

April 5, 2011

When I was at Westfest in Palm Springs a week ago, I bought a couple books on Gunsmoke, including a bio of Amanda Blake: Perfectly Amanda: Gunsmoke's "Miss Kitty," by Beckey Burgoyne. Kind of a sad read. I forgot that she was married five times. For her fifth marriage, she asked a friend to give her away, and he quipped, "Darling, when you're getting married for the fifth time you're not getting given away; you're getting passed around!"

Tragically, her fifth husband was bi and both of them died of AIDS. I was kind of shocked at this and yesterday I talked to a legendary Western singer who knew Amanda well and I asked him if this was true. He said, "Yes, poor gal, she didn't know he was double-gated."

Looking through my 10,000 bad drawings sketchbooks this morning and found this page of midnite Apache runners.

Wish I remembered how I got these effects. Pretty amazing.

As I mentioned, last Friday night we had our art opening in Santa Fe. Here is a photo of the three outlaw painters, Thom Ross, BBB and Buckeye Blake, known collectively among ourselves as The Bang Gang.

The photographer is Lucinda Wood. The show reamains up through April Check it out at Due West Gallery, just west of the plaza on San Francisco (a couple doors west of the old theater).

"Rose-colored glasses are never made in bifocals. Nobody wants to read the small print in dreams."
—Ann Landers

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