Friday, September 09, 2011

The Centennial Meets The Boxtops

September 9, 2011

Woke up to rolling thunder at about five this morning. How far off I sat and wondered. Started humming a song from 1962, ain't if funny how the mind moves, when you ain't got nothin' to lose.

Oops. Sorry. Went off on a Classic Rock tangent. Speaking of which, got this from an old bandmate, Spencer Hopping:

Boze.....This song caused you to go hoarse at a S.A.E. Rush Mixer on Sept. 14th 1967.....I recall we played this song at least 3 times....they kept asking for it and you obliged.

Carl....we first grooved to this tune on August 21st 1967 on the way to take Charlie & Irma to the train in Nogales for their trip to your Dads enormous white Buick!.

Suzi......we were hanging out at some clubs in Tucson the first time we heard this song. I distinctly remember it was on KFIF-AM as we cruised Speedway in your moss green Corvair...and once we learned the song, The Generation played it at an A.D.Pi Pledge dance in the living room of the sorority house. Bob Boze Bell on vocals.

Nancy.....reminds me of you every time I hear it.

Fond thoughts of ALL OF YOU......44 years ago in September 1967!

—Spencer Hopping

We were in a soul band, "Faye Shaw and the Generation" at the University of Arizona in the mid-sixties. Here they are (after they fired me and got a real drummer):

And here's The Boxtops doing the song that every frat rat at the UofA wanted to hear over and over in September of 1967.

The Letter

Kathy and I drove into The Beast this morning to meet with the secretary of state at the state capitol. That cost me $35. Went through the capitol musuem which as six or seven huge Lon Megargee paintings from 1913. Sweet.

Speaking of paintings done for the state 99 years ago, I have been asked to submit a painting for the centennial and I am noodling ideas. Might start with something like this:

Only with a more Route 66 theme, since that's where I grew up. More sketches to follow.

"I don't care how much money I got to spend. Got to get back to my baby again. Lonely days are gone, I'm a coming home, my Baby done wrote me a letter."
—The Letter, The Boxtops, September 1967

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