Monday, September 26, 2011

Rex Rideout & Mark Gardner In The House

September 26, 2011

Great weekend. Attended the new season grand opening at Cave Creek Museum on Saturday afternoon. They are featuring a half dozen pieces of my artwork and it was fun to see all the old time Creekers including artisit Judi Darbyshire (she's the reason I live in Cave Creek) and Dee Dee Wood (legendary choreographer for Sound of Music, Mary Poppins) to name but just a few.

At six, Kathy and I, Thomas Charles and Pattarapan attended a Mexican birthday party at a house behind the Cave Creek Feed Store. Ishmael's grand-daughter was being feted. Great Mexican food and music. Gave Kathy and our neighbor Muffy a ride home at 8:30 and dropped her close to her door because I saw a bobcat walking out of our front yard last Thursday when I was coming home from work, and watched incredulously as it cockily trotted north onto her property. After dropping off Kathy as well, went back to the party, drank way too many beers, but solved some life with our neighbors Tom and Lynn Aughterton. Got home at about 11. Fun times.

Finally saw The Social Network last night and realized what all the hub bub is about. Really a so-so story (A young twit, Mark Zuckerberg invents Facebook and burns a couple of so-so friends in the process) but it's brilliantly told by the writer Aaron Sorkin (West Wing) who is a flippin' genius. He basically takes a bad date, writing source code, and two legal depositions and turns it all into poetry about our times. Amazing. Being a fan of history, I chuckled at watching the commentary track and Armie Hammer (who will portray The Lone Ranger in the new Disney off-again, on again, $200 million Disney flick) says that one of the Winkletwerp (sic) twins came up to him at the premiere and said, "Dude, I don't own ear muffs." The movie, although quite even-handed, eviscerates both twins as privileged, pompous jocks, but he's worried someone might think he wears ear muffs. So human.

We are all so damn crazy it's not even funny. Or, maybe it's all so funny it's scary.

This morning, I didn't want to dress up, so wore a T-shirt, rationalizing, "Nobody of any importance is going to come into the office today."

At nine, Rex Rideout (the fiddle player in Cowboys & Aliens) and Mark Gardner (author of the Billy the Kid best seller To Hell On A Fast Horse), came in, on their way to Tucson. Robert Ray video taped me introducing them (grabbed a coat from my office, but I'm wearing that damn T-shirt).

And here we all are, singing a rousing

Ghost Riders In The Sky

"That which is not good for the bee-hive cannot be good for the bees."
—Marcus Aurelius

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