Monday, October 31, 2011

The Gay Nineties

October 31, 2011

Back from the Old Pueblo, Dragoon, Amerind Museum, Sunsites, Pearce, Gleeson, Tombstone, Bisbee, Naco and Saint David.

Had a book signing in the O.K. Corral. Met some great people. Sold a ton of books and even three posters. Johnny One Dog gifted me a six pack of homemade root beer. Ben Traywick came by and said hello. Invited me down to his studio-store. Went down after the book signing and looked at a couple photos, one of Kaloma and another of Sadie Marcus which he believes was lifted to create the nude photo of the third Mrs. Earp.

Had the following exchange with a Tombstonian on Allen Street:

T: "Are you attending the Spicer Hearing tonight?"

BBB: "No. I'm meeting my family in Bisbee."

"Why are you staying there?"

"My family likes it down there. You don't like Bisbee?"

"No, it's just faggots, hippies and antique stores."

"Well, those are three things I love."

Spent Friday night at the Inn at Castle Rock in Tombstone Canyon (in Bisbee). Had dinner at Cafe Roka by myself. Ate at the bar. Tony crowd in there. Best restaurant outside of Tucson and Phoenix. Kathy, Thomas Charles and Pattarapan joined me late in the evening (they got off work at five and drove down, arriving about 10:30 at night).

On Saturday, we stayed in "The Bird House" perched on the steep hill behind Va-Voom in downtown Bisbee. Two bedroom house. Got it through Bisbee Realty, $100 a night. Entire town booked up for Halloween. Barely got that.

Started Saturday night at the Gay Nineties Saloon in Naco. T. Charles and Pattarpan went across the border to get some Mexican food (literally), then brought it back to tailgate at the Gay Nineties. The bar has our award (Best name for a redneck bar in a border town) at the front door. Photo tomorrow.

Ended up at a Halloween costume party in front of The Copper Queen. Entire town there in flamboyant costumes dancing on the pavement to "Painted Black" by the Stones. Haven't danced that much since my ambulance ride to Kingman Regional in 2008.

"Hit him again. I like that little move he makes."
—A certain Kingman Fire Department paramedic who shall remain nameless

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