Monday, October 17, 2011

Vincent Van Gogh Killed Because of Buffalo Bill?

October 16, 2011

Just got home from a week's worth of Kid Krazy road tripping to New Mexico. Came in from Mogollon, New Mexico this morning. Had breakfast at the Alma Cafe in Alma where Butch and Sundance worked under assumed names (on a ranch near Alma, not in the cafe). Had the huevos rancheros under my given name.

From Alma, Kathy and I motored up through Luna and Alpine into the heart of the burned out footprint of the Wallow Fire. Must say, Nutrioso is one lucky town. The fire burned all around it but spared the town. Amazing. In spite of the burned out ridges, pale yellow from new growth streaked the slopes. Gave it all a surprising beauty.

Got home just in time to see "Sixty Minutes," and a report that one of my fave artists, Vincent Van Gogh did not shoot himself. He was hanging out with a couple sixteen year old French kids who were playing cowboy and emulating Buffalo Bill, who had just appeared in France the year before (1889). One of these boys accidently shot Vincent and stumbled to his room and told the authorities not to blame anyone (they also asked him if he had attempted suicide and he replied that he probably had).

Not sure I believe it, but I love the connection to Buffalo Bill.

"Bob Boze Bell is the Vincent Van Gogh of Western art."

—Buck Taylor, who also says I have the "ear for it."


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