Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Go See Blackthorn So I Can Tell You The Ending They Should Have Used

October 4, 2011

Attended the Scottsdale Film Festival this last weekend. In addition to seing John Sayles' Amigo, and another one called Battleship (in English), I saw Blackthorn on the big screen. Saw it on my computer two weeks ago and wanted to see how it played out with a real audience. I missed Butch (Sam Shepard) fleecing a rich American of his watch (too small of a detail on my computer), and the horseback riding sequences were even better on the big screen. Always a good sign, the audience clapped at the end. Ran into a horse training couple from Cave Creek (the famale gave the Battleship flick an F) and they loved Blackthorn. She said, "I gave my first A to this one!" (we were given mini-ballots to rank the movies).

Anyway, I'm dying to tell you the scene they cut from the movie that would have made it a classic. But I don't want to tell you until you've seen it. So get to seein', will ya?

"The ending will leave you wondering. Mmmmmmm."

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