Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wyatt Earp, Age Appropriate

November 16, 2011

Dan Harshberger came out today and we worked hard on redesigning various departments. Lots of progress and good work was done.

Someone I know criticized my Wyatt Earp post yesterday as making him look too old. That Wyatt was 33 at the time of the fight and that my drawing made him "look like he is 50"). Well, part of the problem is that the Earps were blond and I think my rendering of his lighter mustaches tends to give him an older look.

Hmmmmm, I get the criticism because we all have a tendency to want to portray him as older, even in my time travel studies:

Anyway, is this young enough?

"You poo poo heads have been mean—I gonna smack you."
—Wyatt Earp, age 33 months

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