Friday, June 23, 2023

Jesse James Ensnared by A Wasp-Waisted Yankee Babe!

 June 23, 2023

   Still noodling cover ideas. First up is a What would Bob Dylan do concept?

Daily Rough Cover Whip Out:

"Jesse's Good lookin' 'Cause He's So Hard to See"

   Okay, that's actually more John Lennon than Dylan, but you get the picture. One thing is certain, I'm thinking this next book needs a bold, red cover.

Daily Whip Out Sketch:

"The Horseback Pillager"

   And, speaking of pillaging, I found the below illustration in Frank Leslie's Illustrated History of The Civil War showing Union troops "foraging" for supplies. I have a strong hunch if the exact same scene was representing Confederate troops they would be described as "pillaging."

North vs. South: Foraging vs. Pillaging

   And, now we come to the gifting generously department. I found this little Jesse gem, below, while looking for something else and it was a gift from my artist friends Merrill and Jeanne Mahaffey who were at a Hospice Gift Store and they sent it to me with a note: "thought you might enjoy." Oh, yes and it will be in the book. Thank you!

Jesse James Ensnared by A
Wasp-Waisted Yankee Babe

   I think this is my favorite Bushwhacker photo, so far.

Quantrill's Raiders

   And, here's a sweet little sidebar on the walls at the Arrow Rock Museum in Missouri.

   I'm compiling quite a list of great quotes, more tomorrow.

"Got to be good lookin' 'cause he's so hard to see."

—John Lennon, "Come Together"

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