Thursday, August 24, 2023

Gas Station Chic Meets The 66 Kids

 August 24, 2023

   We're on the home stretch of a very personal book, which is actually a follow-up to a previous book myself and Dan The Man did in 2014. That would be "The 66 Kid."  This time out we are adding some major zane from the Ashfork area.

Gas Station Chic?

   Get your motor running. I just read a very inspiring piece in the Wall Street Journal about "Gas Station Chic," three words I would have never predicted to be connected in, well, any way, forever. And ever.

"Well, ain't we chic, Ernie."

   Turns out hipsters are going to gas stations to get unique caps with out-in-left-field slogans, like "Bite Me!" (on an angler's cap) and "The Buck Stops Here" stitched on the front with a deer in the crosshairs. One proud wearer, a music producer in Atlanta, quickly adds, "I have never actually hunted." Ha. Oh, that is rich. Said another cap wearer, "There's just something really cool about  dressing like a real American." Dang. Well, ain't that just quaint as all git out?
  For starters, I want a cap that says, "Jugs Iced Free" with the Flying A arrow wrapped around it.

Jugs Iced Free!

  And, we need an Ashfork-centric cap for Marshall Trimble, to wear proudly and promote his home town. And I have a hunch there is a Hackberry cap, a Truxton cap, a Seligman Sno-Cap Drive-in cap, a Yucca cap and maybe even a Needles-And-Hell-Is-Redundant cap. Not to mention a Don't Forget Winona cap. And that's just for starters, don't you think?

   Send me your Gas Station Chic cap ideas to and if we use your idea you will receive real money, like $66 bucks, or something. No kidding. Plus, if you play your cards right you just might get a FREE cap. Ain't that chic as all git out?

"Hell, I was just a kid working after school at Fred Fegley’s gas station during the glorious heydays of Route 66, filling the gas tanks of the tourists listening to them complain about the high price of gas a gallon (31.9), never realizing I was an eyewitness to an important chapter in America’s rich history."
—Marshall Trimble

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    Whiting Bros? Terrible Herbst's? Or how about a yellow cap with a black jackrabbit silhouette? "Where She Danced," or "Frog w canteen" hats from Dick Wick's filling station in Salome?


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