Saturday, August 19, 2023

The Sunrise Kid, Outragous Django Cover & Old Vaquero #37

 August 19, 2023

   I love getting out on the road before sunrise, because, well, I get to witness the sunrise. For some reason, my companion on these daily walks is not all that impressed.

The Sunrise Kid Ignores The Sunrise

   Or, maybe he is looking for something to chase, down the road. Oh, yes. That is definitely a distinct possibility.

   Meanwhile. . .

   We've got a punk Aussie kid who thinks this should be our next cover. You buyin' it?

Time Traveling Ignoramus

   Nate Bargatze does a great bit about how dumb he is, and if he could time travel and he was sent back to the 1920s, nothing would change. He would walk up to a guy on an old-timey phone and say, "Do you know someday you'll be able to hold that in your hand?" And the 1920s guy goes, "Really, how?" and Nate looks flummoxed and shrugs, "I don't know, satellites, or something." and the 1920s guys says, "What's a satellite?" and Nate goes, "A round metal thing that goes up into space." And the 1920s guy is fed up and he says as a final test, "Okay, who's the next president," and Nate says, "Sheesh, I have no idea. I guess I just need to take a regular job here, I don't know anything."

   Speaking of being a time traveling ignoramus, I sure dig those old jefes.

Daily Whip Out: "Red Rev Soldado Final"

   Here's another dude based on a friend, Jeff Prechtal.

Daily Whip Out: "Old Vaquero No. 37"

"Rare is the man whose visage is not improved with a good hat."
—Old Cowgirl Saying (who thinks all men should wear hats)

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