Wednesday, February 26, 2003

February 26, 2003
Rained all day yesterday and today. Three storms rolled in, one on top of the other and it has dumped a ton of rain on us. Washes running bigtime.

We had our True West victory party down at Rawhide last night and we all had fun celebrating our biggest issue ever. Dave Daiss danced with Jana. They were hooting and yelling on the dancefloor like a couple of kids. Had a great time. Excellent staff.

Left at seven to go down to Community College for Conversational Spanish. Poured all the way down there. Ran onto campus with no umbrella, got soaked, came in late, Kathy wasn’t there either. I got worried (Donde esta mi esposa?” Where is my wife?). After about ten minutes, she rang me on cell phone so I was one of those jerks who gets a call, disrupting the entire class. I had the decency to speak in Spanish though, “Pardona me, por favor.” as I ran out into the rain. I won’t say why Kathy was late except to say, this morning we were waking up and she looked out the window at our cat, Big Tom, and our dog, the French Floozy Peaches, standing together and she said, “There’s our two kids who were easy to raise.”

“Raising kids is like squeezing lemons. No matter how you do it, the little squirts get you.”
—Old Vaquero Saying

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