Wednesday, February 05, 2003

February 6 2003
I met a great guy yesterday. He’s 86, still rides motorcycles (he attended the first Sturgis Run back in the 30s). His granddad is the famous LA Huffman, Montana’s most famous photographer (great cowboy shots, some of the best ever). Bill Felton told a great story about his dad which I intend to run in the mag at a future date. But here’s his story as I wrote it down and his photo which I took in our office library right after he told me the story:

“My Dad was a location engineer for the Milwaukee Railroad and he arrived in Miles City, Montana on a Sunday in 1905. It was hot and most everything was closed, but he found an open saloon and went in to order a beer. The bartender was wearing a hat like they did in those days and he poured a mug of beer and slid it in front of my Dad, who took out a nickel and placed it on the bar. The bartender picked up the nickel and threw it over his shoulder. My father watched the nickel plunk against the back wall and disappear. ‘What’s the matter?’ my dad asked, and the bartender boomed, ‘Enjoy your beer, but nothing’s a nickel in Montana.’”

Those old guys and their stories just tickle me to no end. I like the little details they put in, like “the bartender was wearing a hat like they did in those days.” Isn’t that priceless?

Dan H. designed a possible cover for our Special Travel Issue. It’s going to be on the newsstands for 90 days so it needs a special cover, but yet I want subscribers to realize it’s another issue of True West. Here’s Dan’s photo montage. What do you think? Will it fly? Would you buy it? E-mail me your comments right here.

It's a rare person who wants to hear what he doesn't want to hear.”
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