Wednesday, March 12, 2003

March 12, 2003
Lively staff meeting at 8:30. We survived the three quick deadlines in a row and there is a sense of relief by everyone. Lots of planning for Festival of the West this weekend. Ted is really working hard to make our booth a must stop place. Also talked about the ongoing “Operations White Space” in the magazine. I said I might offer a bonus for the ad with the most white space (that always gets sales’ attention).

Afterwards, had an editorial meeting with Jana, Meghan and Gus (R.G. is on vacation). Lots of upcoming pieces flying everywhere. Hard to stay in front of them all. Jana is working on two top secret pieces, one on Tombstone that is going to be very unique for us. Quite exciting.

Started the Bessie Colvin Classic Gunfight where the madam gets shot in the “public arch.” Quite funny and bawdy. Bessie was quite a looker (we have Bob McCubbin’s excellent, haunting photograph of her).

Went to lunch at Tonto with Kathy, Sue and Dave Daiss ($37 biz debit). Talked about a new phone system and the store. Good talk.

Worked all afternoon on copy for CC. Office copies for Travel Issue arrived by truck at about three. Got a bucket brigade going out the back door with Carole, Mike, me and Larry. Subscribers are getting their issues this week and the phone is starting to ring.

Kathy picked me up at five and we drove down to El Conquistador for dinner. I had the special which was carne su jugo (green chile in a sauce). Really excellent ($28 cash). Then off to Spanish class. Learned mucho.

Got home at nine, read until 10:30. Didn’t get enough sleep, but. . .

"The amount of sleep needed by the average person is ten minutes more."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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