Tuesday, March 18, 2003

March 18, 2003
Big controversy in staff meeting this morning regarding our upcoming July issue. Lively debate on whether to use the word “pimp” on the cover. The staff is split about half and half, although R.G. is adamantly against it (he’s skiing in Idaho, but E-mailed me his position). I’ve asked Dan to design two different covers, one with the word and one without. It seems like such a harmless word to me (and it’s historically accurate), but it triggers muy negative response in some people as if it’s a swear word. Interesting. I received that negative E-mail last week (March 13) and the guy called me a pimp and my reaction was, “Hey, don’t forget cartoonist.”

Big numbers from Festival of the West. They would have been even bigger if we hadn’t got rained out on Sunday. Everyone gave Ted an ovation this morning. He really worked hard and made our presence there the biggest ever. Ironically, Cowboys & Indians didn’t even show. Hmmmm.

Met with Bob Sigman yesterday. He ran Republic Pictures before they sold out to Viacom. Heavy marketing background. He, Bob and Trish, Dave and Doreen and I went to lunch at Tonto ($52 biz account). Very rainy out, sat inside.

Speaking of rain, I couldn’t access AOL for two days because of wet lines, or something. Irritating. Finally dried out this morning and modem kicked in.

Going on a five day trip with the Renegades tomorrow. Hitting the northeast quadrant of New Mexico, and Texas. I want to see Turkey Creek Canyon where the Wild Bunch shot it out with the law, for Classic Gunfights. Never been there and Bob McCubbin set it up. Paul Northrop and I are flying out in the morning. No comments here until Monday.

To stay ahead, you must have your next idea waiting in the wings.”
Rosabeth Moss Kanter

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