Thursday, March 13, 2003

March 13, 2003
Very quiet in office. Gus out sick, R.G. on vacation, Mike, Ted, Larry and Dave Daiss down at Festival of the West setting up our tent and booth. I was able to finish Classic Gunfights and lay it out. McCubbin’s photos look great. Going to run the beautiful soiled dove Bessie Colvin as a full page.

Went to lunch with Carole at House of Joy ($9 cash). Good talking with her.

In the afternoon I worked on July editorial. Deals with the new Wyatt Earp material and how it forces us to reconsider his controversial life. There are those who hate this. Here’s a typical response (I got this last night): “I hear you are broadcasting all over Arizona that Wyatt Earp was an evil man. How about a more balanced approach or we will start a campaign about the ‘Pimp from Cave Creek’ Pimping that non western magazine- True Worst. ‘Wyatt Earp Scholar?’ give me a break. More like comic book clown! Yours for more history and less BS.”

I’m happy, but every clown is.”
—David Bowie

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