Wednesday, March 26, 2003

March 26, 2003
Received our advance copies for May-June. Issue is strong, but I’m still not happy with my Custer image on the cover. Kathy commented on how good she thought it was (she is my most honest critic). I still wish I had it back to do again, but that’s the nature of the biz I’m in.

More debate about using the word pimp on the cover. R.G. came up with an alternative headline: “Did Wyatt Earp Run Soiled Doves?” but Jana B. thought that took the onus off of Wyatt and put it on the women. I decided we won’t use the dreaded P word on the cover. Now, inside is a different matter.

Jana also finished an objective review of two new gargantuan Wyatt Earp tomes. I wanted someone who could be objective about them (I can’t), and all of the other reviewers in the field are too close to the subject or too prejudiced, so I gave it to someone who has no agenda. It will still upset some, but she did a good job.

Got an E-mail from Bart at Banta, our printer in Kansas City. He would like to send some of our mags to the troops in Iraq. I guess my first question is: which side? Maybe they think our mag would go good with “Shock & Awe” and dishearten the enemy if they read it. I can just see Iraqi troops gathered around a Fed Ex box and one of them saying, “I don’t get Historical Twins. It’s not funny. Let’s surrender.”

"God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh."

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