Sunday, January 25, 2004

January 25, 2004
Another rainy day here (third in a row). Went for a walk to the creek with the dogs about an hour ago. I'm picking up round stones for our driveway. I was impressed with the cobblestone streets and walkways I saw in Spain. Got inspired to do something like that in our driveway. I carry a shoulder sack and bring about ten stones up on each walk, and at this rate I will have enough for the entire drieway by about 2008. Ha.

Still cleaning the studio. Finding all sorts of historic items. Picture of Peaches as a pup, my termination agreement from KSLX, Feb. 9, 1994 (they fired me when I got off the air at 10). It was also right about this time that I finally got myself a Franklin Daytimer to get a handle on the mess that is my life. My first entry is for February 22, 1994 (first lines are: “I feel bad. I got up two hours late. It’s 6:59. My alarm goes off at 5 and I went back to sleep. It’s amazing how much better I feel when I get up on time.”).

Believe it or not I have kept a daily journal every day since then, and have ten annuals to prove it. I can access any and all dates with relative ease. Just for grins, on February 22, I’ll post the essence of each Feb. 22 posting starting with 1994. I haven’t looked, but it should be quite embarrassing, or at the very least, excruciating.

The Arizona Republic this morning ran my comments about Bush eating enchiladas at the Tee Pee. It’s in the View section.

Woke up this morning and was inspired to write “An Open Letter to Baby Boomers.” Last night we watched Real Time With Bill Maher on HBO and he recited a quote, “Sixty is the new forty,” and it just amused and irritated me to no end. I belong to a generation that refuses to grow up. And believe me, if I can see that is a crock, look out!

“Sometimes a fool makes a good suggestion.”
—Nicolas Boileau

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