Tuesday, January 27, 2004

January 27, 2004
Finally finished the Classic Gunfights of the Sheriff Brady ambush this morning (April issue). Many passes at the copy and art. We also did the film script of the same scene from Young Guns, where we grade the historical accuracy of the movie. Fun stuff.

Mike and crew came in at a record number for the travel issue (several thousand higher than last year). Dan H. nailed the cover. Really strong. If you’ve been reading in here you know how nervous I have been about it. Here’s a sneak peek. Pretty clean.

Emma Bull of Bisbee weighs in on “The Barbarians” showing recently on the History Channel. I made the comparison of the Vikings, the Goths and the Huns to Wal-Mart:

“Will the History Channel reveal that the secret of Wal-Mart's rise is the Kevlar lining inside those happy little blue tunics? Will it explain the role of the yellow smiley-face in the secret religious rituals used to convince stock clerks and fork-lift drivers of their invulnerability in all Christmas-season battles? I am waiting, darn it. This is clearly why I have cable.”

Good editorial staff meeting this morning. Went over May and June issues, in some cases planning all the way through into 2005. Exciting stuff. Really enjoy working with enthusiastic people.

Took Mike Melrose to lunch at El Encanto (machaca and eggs and iced tea, $20 cash, includes tip, the Boss paid). Got him lined out for the Big March. He is worthy. Big shoulders. That’s why they call him Minnesota Mike (Blue Ox country).

“It’s said time flies when we are having fun but frogs say time is fun when you’re having flies.”
—Larry Thrapp

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