Wednesday, January 07, 2004

January 7, 2004
Drove into Phoenix this morning (22 mile run, one way). Stopped at Dan Harshberger’s to go over a couple layout and cover ideas. Showed him all the Spanish, English and French magazines I brought back. He was just as amazed by them as I am. In many ways they are ahead of us, both in style and graphics. Lots to steal from.

From there I went down to Indian School and Central to Arizona Art Store to pick up Essdee scratchboard (it’s shipped in from England and is now $29.95 a sheet! I paid $10 a sheet four years ago and thought it was too much, but it is absolutely the best and the only brand to use). Also bought some Gouache paints, quickly ran up a $130 bill. Ouch! Neighborhood has really gone downhill (Kathy and I lived nearby in the late seventies). How far? They actually had an armed guard—in an art store!!

Got down to Ed Mell’s art studio at 11:30 and met Theresa from Tri Star who had two boxes of Classic Gunfights books to sign (we’ve sold over 200 just out of the True West building).

Got Kenny (an artist who share’s space with Ed) lined out to shoot transparencies of my Spanish rodeo posters before I get them framed. Everyone marvelled at their beauty which made me happy.

Robert Ray met me at Ed’s to pick out tranny’s for the article we are doing on Ed in an upcoming issue, plus Robert took some digital pictures of Ed in his “space” for the piece.

Took Ed and Robert to Eliana’s (a Salvadoran food cafe on 24th St., $37 cash, includes tip). Caught up on all the artworld news (Ed sold all 22 paintings at his recent Santa Fe show), drove back out to office, getting there at two. Immediately went into an Executive Session with R.G., Bob Brink and Carole. Got some good, solid ideas going on product line extension for the web site (our sales are going thru the roof and we are having trouble keeping up with new product). We are also expanding so fast, we may need to rent the office next to us. Heady stuff. Especially if you’ve read the business timeline. Ha.

Spain Flashback: here’s a photo of me in my Gay Beret in Arab Alley (Granada). The woman walking towards me thinks I’m muy guapo (very handsome). You can tell by the smirk on her face. Actually, I’d date her but she only came up to my thigh.

“We are a people who do not want to keep much of the past in our heads. It is considered unhealthy in America to remember mistakes, neurotic to think about them, psychotic to dwell on them.”
—Lillian Hellman

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