Thursday, May 13, 2004

May 13, 2004
I’m not sure exactly why, but I wanted photographic proof that Buddy Boze Bell is actually the one who’s eating all of my hats. This morning before I went to work I grabbed my gashed Tom Mix double XX off the shelf and tossed it to Buddy in his lounge chair. Much to my dismay he didn’t even pretend to be ashamed of what he had done and as I snapped off a half dozen photos he blithely chewed and gnawed on the Stetson as if to say, “Hey thanks! Glad to help destroy anything that gives you joy.” I had the film developed and will post the photographic proof tomorrow.

Also coming soon is a cheesecake photo of Mike Melrose with Ms. Masseuse (the stunner who looks like a cross between Barbie Benton and Betty Page) at a certain Mexican food restaurant with a lagoon.

Finished the rough draft on the John Wesley Hardin vs. John Selman narrative at about 11 today. I have newfound appreciation for Leon Metz’s stellar book John Wesley Hardin: The Dark Angel of Texas, published by Mangan Press. He really tells the story well (and he’s so damn witty!), and what a story it is. Our publisher Bob McCubbin sent us some excellent photos from his Hardin collection and Gus is doing a great map of the downtown El Paso area at the time of the shooting. We are on a roll.

Drove down to Phoenix at about 11:30 (after dropping off the dog-eats-hat film at Foothills Photo). Got to Ed Mell’s studio at 12:30. Ed and his son Carson took me to lunch at Los Compadres over on Seventh Ave. above Indian School Rd. Great take-out place. Carson said he has been “Jones-in’ for some Compadres.” He lives in LA now and is producing a tv show. He gave me a DVD of the first three episodes and I’m going to watch them tonight. Talented boy. Takes after his mom and dad.

Talked a bit about the eulogy for Ed Mell, Sr. tomorrow morning. They want me to say a few words for the family and I am honored.

After lunch I met Theresa from Tri Star and signed some more Classic Gunfights books. Then went up to All About Comics on Central above Camelback to check out the graphic novel scene. Bought some new titles by Jimmy Corrigan and Daniel Clowes, both new artists who Carson recommended. Also bought two old Marvel comics on The Apache Kid ($81 Sue account). Sample dialogue:

Surrender, outlaw! You’re finished!”

Never, Injun—I’ll die before I surrender—or better yet, YOU will!”

Drove back out to Cave Creek, getting here at about three. Went to the bank, picked up photos ($11 Sue account). Worked until about six. Came home. Went to the creek, put rocks around Buddy’s neck and threw him in the deep end of the pond. Threw the hat in after him and watched the bubbles for about five minutes.

Not really, but I was thinking about it.

“How far that little candle throws his beams!
So shines a good deed in a naughty world.”


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