Wednesday, May 19, 2004

May 19, 2004
The road association finished paving two rough sections of the Old Stage Road area last night. We can’t drive on it until this afternoon and had to park last night, up the road a piece and walk home. Surprised the dogs, who are used to seeing us drive up.

Had a planning session yesterday, tweaking departments, culling out the weak stuff. Much debate and disagreement. Felt good and we have a bigger planning session on tap today.

Gus copied and grafted a section of two paintings of John Wesley Hardin onto another version of the same painting. Here’s what happened. I painted a proposed cover for Leon Metz’s book, and the publisher rejected it. So I took a photo of it, then painted over the original, adding detail to his hands and guns (I also added a mustache). As it so often turns out, I liked the face in one and the hands in another. Thanks to Gus and Photoshop they now reside in the same image.

“Experience, the name men give to their mistakes.”
—Oscar Wildee

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