Sunday, May 16, 2004

May 16, 2004
Yesterday at three I was a guest on Gordon Smith's KXAM (1310 AM) radio show: The name of his show is Mind Your Business and he talks to small business owners and asks the tough questions: "How do you keep the doors open?" He is so funny. I came right at three, there was five minutes of news and so he was a tad nervous whether I would make it, so he went out by the elevator to wait for me. I came in the lobby and there was a moving company moving in a huge amount of office equipment and they had the elevator jammed, so I went around to the stairs, walked up, went in the studio and Gordon wasn't there. I asked the producer where he was and he didn't know. So I open the door to the hall, and here comes Gordon from the elevator area and I start to say, "I used the stairs," but before I can get it out, he says, "Save it for the show! Save it for the show!" which is something I always rode about him on our show, when we would get to talking off the air, and then when we'd try to revisit those same stories on the air, they were never as good, so anyway, the Gordone makes me laugh, and we laughed for an hour straight. Went by very quickly.

Working on a couple of illustrations today. One is a cover illustration for a friend of mine. Knocked out two images, in scratchboard. Always struggling. Never gets any easier. Never quite what I wanted it to be.

My neighbor JD came down and looked at my driveway and all the rocks I've collected. He recommended I come down with my truck and load up with his creek rock. I will definitely take him up on that offer.

That's Mike Melrose and the mysterious Ms. M on yesterday's posting. Photo taken at El Encanto last week. She is a hypno-therapist, and it is my hope that she will hypnotise Melrose and plant the suggestion that he's a computer nut and marriage material.

As Mike would undoubtably say, "Not going to happen."

Kathy came out this afternoon and cleaned part of my studio. Really needs a woman's touch. I can actually see the floor in several areas.

"Jennifer Lopez is engaged to Latin singer Marc Anthony. Lopez said she was excited because she's never been engaged to a guy named Marc."
-Conan O'Brien

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