Wednesday, April 13, 2005

April 13, 2005
Heard from our accountant this morning. We owe more than I'd like to pay, less than I'd like to admit. Ha. But it's enough that I had to cancel a golf game with Joel Klasky, Bob Brink and Mike Melrose. Joel had asked me a couple weeks ago if I wanted to round out a foursome and I thought it might be a goof. Haven't played since I mangled nine with Tommy Vascocu (former GM at KDKB and current Midland, Texas media mogul) back in maybe 1980 (I like to keep my hand in and play every quarter century, or so) When Joel told me I needed to pony up $112, I thought, “For what, an eight-ball of cocaine?” No, it turns out that’s the special rate on the greens fee. Yikes! I thought they were maybe $12 (which would still be almost too much). But it just goes to show you, times change, naive expectations by people from Kingman usually don't.

Finished a pen and ink of Wyatt Earp holding off the mob in front of Vogan's Ten Pin Alley for CGII (yes, I'm still trying to get a higher Wyatt Earp ranking in Google). And speaking of Google:

I assume this is another Google boomerang:
"It was a real pleasure reading about your visit to our little cafe in Rock Springs. Next time you make your travels our way stop in and say hello!"
—Eric Exum, General Manager, Rock Springs Cafe

I haven't been in the Rock Springs Cafe (famous for their Mountain Oysters) since maybe Mother’s Day, 2003 when we took Betty Radina there. Of course, I did write about it in here.

Here's feedback on the blog posting about TW being too niche:
"Yes! I knew there was a reason I dug True West. It's not just about history, in which I have a reasonable interest (tolerance?), but not enough to buy the mag if that's all you had to offer. It's the variety of old western ways and means you feature in TW that makes for a good mag. Keep following your instincts!
—Jim Ed

"Life lets us ask for what we want,
but gives us what we deserve."

—Old Vaquero Saying

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