Sunday, April 17, 2005

April 16, 2005
After breakfast, my son took me over to the NAU Student Union Basketball complex and we checked out a B-ball and did some shooting. I was quite tight at first, but loosened up and got some of my stroke back. We played Horse and the Dad lost. We played Around the World and the Dad lost. And finally, we played Best of Ten Free Throws and the Dad won (7 of 10). Probably because it didn't involve any actual moving.

For the first half hour we were the only ones in the cavernous cement bunker (it has an indoor track that runs around the perimeter), but then some serious pick-up guys started to show up, proceeding to warm up on the court next to us. Realistically I knew I had at least 20 years on the oldest guy there, but in my mind I'm thinking, "I can post up against that guy and burn him. Come on son, let's challenge these Flag fags." (in the interest of full disclosure, I am taking a testosterone supplement) Unfortunately, they had ten guys and proceeded to play full court, which even in my craziest ego-fogged brain, I knew was out of the question. Also, in other related geezer news, I told my son to take the ball at the corner of the "dollhead," and he says, :"What’s a doll head?" I suddenly realized that the top of the key, which we called the doll head, had somewhere in the last four decades, gone the way of the underhanded freethrow shot.

As we got ready to leave, one of the full-court guys launched an air ball and it landed near me. As I grabbed it and ran it back over to them, the biggest guy laughed and held out his hands, with a “hand-it-over-old-man-before-you-get-hurt” look. I faked like I was going to hand the ball to him, but instead I went up and dunked the ball right in his face.

Not really, but it could happen if I was younger, and taller. And had some actual physical talent.

From the gym we went over to Hastings where Tomas still has an employee discount and I bought two books, one on Route 66 and the other on Freak Photography ($24 cash). After a stop at the bike shop to pick up T’s two bikes, we landed at the Frisco Street Deli and had a great Van Gogh Sando (pastrami, cheese on rye) and a Michelangelo Pizza (yes, all the entries had artist titles). Great little lunch. T knew the waitress and she gave us extra stuff ($22, house account, includes tip).

Went to the AMTRAK depot and T checked out the fare to San Bernadino. He is going to the Coachella Music Festival at the end of the month and a roundtrip ticket is only $102. As he was getting his itinerary set, I left a TW train issue with the Visitor's Center Manager. They seemed quite impressed with our train coverage.

From the train depot, we walked back over to the Orpheum Theatre and I bought Kathy a copy of Bad Dirt, the Annie Prouix (rhymes with new) book I heard her read the night before ($24 house account).

Dropped Thomas off at his place at about 1:30 and took off for home. Nice easy trip down the hill. Stopped at the Rock Springs Cafe and dropped off a True West magazine to the manager. Had a chili-cheese burger and an ice tea ($14 cash, includes tip). Got home at about four. Kathy was on the roof trying to fix the cooler. Went down to Home Depot twice with her to get the right pump and water lines.

"Life is a paradise for those who love many things with a passion."
—Leo Buscaglia

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