Thursday, April 28, 2005

April 28, 2005
Cool and cloudy. Looks like rain. My back is still sore although I went to the website Will Shetterly recommended and I learned how to lay down better. Ha. Funny, but true. Slept good last night. Feel a bit better today. Maybe it's not cancer of the everything.

I got a call this morning from Mark Brown in Franklin, Indiana. This is what he said:

"For the past year I have been enjoying your comments on the Westerns Channel. And here lately, I didn't realize they changed their format. I’ve missed you not giving the good comments. Everything you talked about was interesting. I especially enjoyed you tellin' about that Indian that sewed buttons on his shirt and sold 'em at train stations [Geronimo]. Fascinating. I hope they get those back on there.”

According to our Man at the station, Jeff Hildebrandt, the Westerns Channel has. . .Wait! Here's his actual reply, just came in (4:10 P.M.): "We changed our graphic look and I'm waiting for our design department to complete the new TWM graphic open and close. I anticipate having the segments back on the air in June."

Went home for lunch and finally finished the Papago Station painting. Took a photo of it, then added another gray-blue wash, pushing it one more level (the photo was insurance), but I think the darker one works better. Ran the film up to Foothills Photo.

Wrote up a sixty second radio spot for ProRodeo Radio. Here it is:

60 Second True West radio spot for ProRodeo Radio:
[A fiddle saws away and we hear a hoe-down going full blast.]
"What time is it?"
"It’s almost midnite, Billy."
"Dang it!"
"What’s the matter?"
"Well, I’ve killed a man for every year of my life and I ain’t plugged nobody this year."
"Well, I got to be moseying on Kid."
"Hey, come back here!"
[Gunshots. People yelling, fiddle stops in mid-saw]
Announcer: "How'd you like to be with Billy the Kid on New Year's Eve and he hasn't met his quota for the year? [gunshot] True West magazine, where the legend [gunshot] lives on. Check us out at That's TWMAG [gunshot] DOT COM."

"What the world needs is more geniuses with humility, there are so few of us left."
——Oscar Levant

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