Wednesday, April 20, 2005

April 20, 2005 Bonus Blog
One of the tricks I have learned to help overcome my ADD tendencies is to occasionally ask myself, "What are you doing, right now?" This question forces me to stop and take notice at how far I've wandered from my main tasks. Upon realizing this, I admit to myself, "Well, let's see, you are typing up a Bonus Blog when you should be doing something productive like finishing your editorial."

What I Like About the Brits Department:
“Question—would the esteemed editor of True West be offended if the BBC were to offer him a fee for contributing to the [tv] series? If he would NOT be offended, the fee would be 500 USD. Is this OK?”
—A Producer at British Broadcasting

Granted, with the current value of the dollar vs. the pound, they are getting a pretty good deal, but still, this is more than twice what the American cable shows like the History Channel, Discovery and the Learning Channel offer for a talking head gig. The next time you are watching us babble on about history on one of these shows, turn to your significant other and say, "Do you know that poor boob is only getting $200 to do this?" Then, to really impress your mate, add this: "The networks call it an 'honorarium' and these guys line up like dogs at a Purina Dog Chow Coffee Table Dry Humping Contest."

Amazing Stats Department:
"I found 38,000 entries by [Googling] 'Wyatt Earp' plus 'True West' and 312,000 entries for 'Wyatt Earp' only.

No wonder we're not showing up on the first 30 pages.

"Observe how all things are continuously being born of change. Whatever is, is in some sense the seed of what is to emerge from it."
—Marcus Aurelius

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