Monday, May 02, 2005

May 2, 2005
My back feels much better today. I don’t know why. Maybe it's the heat. And speaking of me speaking about the heat landing on our heads the other day, here's a response to that blog from Bonny:

"You give good sky."

I really had a good day painting yesterday. Finished at least six images, including a scratchboard for the Blaze Away! contents camapaign and a pen and ink drawing of Curly Bill poking a pistol in the ear of a Charleston minister. Very encouraging (the artwork, not the poking). I always get cranking when the deadline draws near.

Went for a bike ride this morning about seven. Still cool out this time of day, but not for long. Tried to enjoy it and soak in the cool air, while I can.

Got into the office at about 8:30. Called Brian Label about our CGII postcard campaign. He's in LA and we need to get him 500 cards in the next two weeks. Got Gus designing the first of 25 cards. Going to do one for every gunfight. Very ambitious, but that's what keeps us off the streets.

At about one we had birtrhday cake for Crystal (she's 25) and Ron (he's the same age as Roger Maris' asterik record, hint 61*). That was fun. Now we're all jacked up on chocolate cake, staff bouncing off walls, talking too much (and that’s just me).

Carole just stuck her head in my office and said the bank is getting more bad checks written using our original account number. The bank cuaght it early and we changed everything but the guy who made the fake checks got one past Home Depot for more than $300. According to Carole, he must have a pretty strong fake ID, because everything on his check is fake, the address and everything. NSFS, our subscription service had the same thing happen to them. Carole wants me to warn you to keep good tabs on your account and track every check.

The BBC is in town and I'm supposed to go to Tombstone on Friday morning to film on Allen Street. Meanwhile, the Crown book galleys are coming in tomorrow morning and they want corrections by Monday, but that's also the day the July issue of TW goes to Banta and we're supposed to be turning out 16 pages a week for the CGII book, and Gus and I are working on that CGII postcard campaign for Brian Label, which needs to be to him in two weeks.

Other than that, not much is going on around here.

"One who stands on the edge of a cliff is wise to define progress as stepping backwards."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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