Saturday, May 28, 2005

May 28, 2005
Almost the entire population of the Valley is up north seeking cooler climes, but some of us just stayed home. Working on images from the air trip. Got the film back yesterday ($18 something, biz account). Much of it is washed out. Some is atmospheric conditions and some of it is shooting through a plexiglass window. Still, my goal is to mix the photo reference with what I saw with my eyes, especially at Redington Pass and Stein's Pass, two of the critical locations I wanted for CGII the book.

As a typical Boomer, I sometimes whine and complain about my lack of training, my lack of the right equipment, my lack of the right reference, but I must say I was very impacted by an artist we saw down at Armstrong-Prior on Thursday, Robert Crystal I belive is his name, and he was this deaf guy (he died in 1977 or so), who couldn't speak, lived on an isolated farm in Utah, drew with matchstick heads and spit, on cardboard and grocery sacks (I’m not making this up!) and his stuff sells for $75K today. He never had art training of any kind.

So just get to it, Pruit. Need to mock up some of that mind set. Look at the photo reference, study it, make working sketches, then put it away and call on my inner mind to make it happen (yes, I'm talking to myself!). That's the ticket. Go inside, trust my instincts, don't be hamstrung by Boomer shoulds. Okay, I feel better now.

At least until I read the feedback on my HBO vs. Fox analogy. Here's my two favorite responses:

"A little bit country a little bit rock and more like it. Don't think the difference is that great between those media formats. Fox pretends to be a little conservative, but for a buck will sell their souls. And regarding the final Deadwood episode...I have shared the opinion with others of the similarity of this wedding scenario with the Godfather (2-3?) chapter when Michael's baby is being baptized, and a variety of heinous acts are being committed. Almost a great ending....but alas, wanted Seth Bullock to blow somebody up, but his smokewagon remained holstered."
—Jim Ed

Yes, I also felt that Deadwood ending was copped from The Godfather and I agree—it was a female ending. Not enough shooting and blowing stuff up. Here's the other response I liked:

"You shouldn't be comparing True West to other media products, in my opinion. There are a lot of differences. Yes, you should understand what media and shows the readers are attracted to--but that by itself does not define them. Yes, learn from some of the things those networks/programs do--the Deadwood website
is very impressive, and True West should adopt some similar approaches. But True West fans don't expect or want you to be faux HBO.

“We both know that your blog is ‘BBB lite.’ You should start taking it farther, making it a realistic expression of your likes, dislikes, insecurities, etc. That's what the truly successful bloggers do. Yeah, they piss people off, or embarrass folks, and spark controversy. But that's what blog fans want. If the greatest controversy you initiate is ‘Fox vs. HBO,’ or how much you paid for lunch, then you've got a problem--one that will only deepen as you try to
attract younger consumers.

"You should provide more ‘web only’ features--additional reviews, articles, commentaries, pictures, etc. People want ‘value added,’ and they're looking to the Internet presence to provide it. Put more sound on the site--whether it's music, comments from interview subjects, whatever. Use video to show some of your travels; that gives a clarity that still pictures can only hint at."
—Mark Boardman

It's seven in the evening and I'm still studying and wrestling with the airborne photos, trying to get a good angle on them. A great quote to end on this hot and breezy May day:

"Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings."
—C.D. Jackson

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