Friday, December 23, 2005

December 23, 2005
Well, today is my fourth day of seeing double, but my eye is slowly getting better. Still wearing the eye patch. Now I’m worried about the effect wearing off because I’m drawing so good with one eye! Ha. Such is life, no?

Speaking of laughing at geeks, writer Emma Bull sent me the following link and I have shared it with numerous friends and we have laughed and laughed. So I thought I’d share it with you.

The best part is the way they name the dance moves. (Select music,
then click the arrow to start.)
—Emma Bull

I wrote back to Emma and said, "I don't know exactly why this geek makes me so happy, but he does." And here's Emma’s cogent reply:

"He's geeky...yet strangely without self-doubt. And that transforms geeky into cool, because cool never asks, 'Am I cool enough?' Kinda comes back to Bonham again, doesn't it?"

Thomas Charles is flying in from New York City today. We’re meeting for lunch at El Conquistador. T. Charles is dying for some good Mexican food and El has the best mole.

When we were filming in Tombstone last week, we drove down to Bisbee for dinner on Tuesday night and stopped at Optimo Hats where the owner Greg put one of those hat calibrators on my head and measured the terrain for a full custom hatjob. Going to cost about a grand, but, as you know I’m a total Hat Nazi and can rationalize the need for it. Sometimes I do feel guilty though, like when I read quotes like this:

"He wore what he could get and he didn’t have much of that."
—Texas Ranger John W. Bracken, describing a fellow ranger in the old days

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