Monday, December 26, 2005

December 26, 2005
Eye is much better. I could finally take off the patch at about six on Friday night. I still have some blurry moments, mostly reading, but what a thrill to have both eyes functioning together! Very thankful for that.

Kathy picked up Thomas at Sky Harbor on Friday and we met at El Conquistador for mole enchiladas ($26, plus $5 tip, cash). Mad Coyote Joe was there having green pork carnitas. Looked good also.

Yesterday Tomcat loaded up my iPod with a bunch of tunes. In fact, too many. For a joke on me he loaded up "The Best of Steely Dan" just to piss me off. Of course I don't know how to get it off yet, but I will. Now I've got incentive to learn the damn thing.

Been drawing like a starving artist, moving into color and piling it on. Quite exhilirating and hopeful. I'll post a few of these monsters when Jason gets back from Christmas vacation.

I'm going down into the Beast in about fifteen minutes (2:40 PM) to meet Kathy, Deena and Tomcat to see Brokeback Mountain. It's breaking attendance records at Camelview Five. I'll have a full review tomorrow.

—Onion headline in one of the books I got for Christmas: The Onion Presents Embedded In America, complete news archives, volume 16

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