Thursday, December 08, 2005

December 8, 2005
Well, we got another hit from another town. Here’s a Silver City, New Mexico article on our Top Western Town coverage:

Worked all day on finishing up a Ben Thompson-King Fisher timeline. Those two Texas Tornados were two peas in a pod, Man! They dodged so many bullets and indictments and judges it’s not even funny. But in the end, what goes around, comes around. It really makes more sense when you see their lives side by side, right up the end, when they died side by side in the Vaudeville Theater in San Antonio, Texas. Amen.

Last night at 5:40 I did a radio interview with Fred Imus and Nicole Cox in Tucson. They do a drive-time radio gig at KJLL in the Old Pueblo and what started as a twenty minute interview turned into an hour. We talked about the gay issue, and my books and True West. Fred is like an old shoe and Nicole really knew how to lead me, set up shots for me, support me. She reminded me of Jeanne Sedello, who did much the same role at our old radio show on KSLX in Scottsdale. Speaking of radio. It was fun. And thanks to Samantha who collared me as I went out the door last night, oblivious to the interview. She brought me back in as we waited for the call.

Speaking of being on the radio, I got an interesting inquiry today about being on Howard Stern’s Show (Shades of Marshall being asked to be on Jon Stewart’s Show!). Of course the King of All Media is on hiatus until he launches his Satellite show in January. Here’s the cryptic inquiry from a producer type:

“Howard will be busy until he hits satellite on his new show where the FCC cannot touch him. A few weeks. I believe he would want to do a dicey bit with you that you would not like. Maybe yes.”

Maybe, yes? I don’t think so. Any guesses as to what the "dicey bit" I would not like, would be? I have a clue, but I don’t want to go there.

We are going down to Tucson and Tombstone next week to film new bits for the Westerns Channel and I called up Grant from Optimo Hats in Bisbee today and told him I want a new hat. We talked styles, head shapes and proportions and Grant is coming up to Tombstone to measure me (Now there’s a great Stern bit waiting to happen!).

"I envy paranoids; they actually feel people are paying attention to them."
—Susan Sontag

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