Wednesday, December 28, 2005

December 28, 2005
We got in a new book in today on Zane Grey: His Life, His Adventures, His Women I had heard from Miles Swarthout that Zane was quite a ladie’s man, but this book really lays it out, complete with pictures of most of his honeys. Ay-yi-yi. The guy had good taste in women. Besides the cheesecake, there are at least two cover worthy shots of the prolific Western author. The book is by Thomas H. Pauly who is a professor of English at the University of Delaware. Looks like a good read. I’m taking it home tonight. Bob Brink got dibs on it second.

My nephew E.J. wants to learn to play the guitar and his dad, Brad, called me last night to ask what kind they should buy him and where to get it. Never mind that he was calling a drummer, or more accurately, an ex-drummer, which qualifies me as a non-musician in most parts of the world (read that any place that has actual musicians). But I showed them, I called guitarist extraordinaire, and Kingman crony, Mike Torres, and the Axe-Man told me to send them to Keyboard City at 62nd and Bell Road (no relation) and to buy a Playmate for about $75. Mike said he bought one for his 11-year-old son and they are a miniature guitar so the kid can get his hands around the neck and not get blisters, which helps them not get discouraged.

Went home for lunch and had leftover Tacos Jalisco and homemade tamales. Whipped out two drawings after lunch and got inspired to do a gunfighter fog piece. I came back to the office and worked on the print versions of True West Moments and also met with Charlotte and Franchesca from the River of Time Museum in Fountain Hills about an art show in January that they would like me to be a part of. We walked the offices and they looked at some of my framed art that didn’t sell at my art show. Ha.

News from the Front Lines:
"I have just recently received both your books on classic gunfights for my birthday. I am almost finished with the first and can`t wait to start the 2nd. Me and my son both think they are great books. I have only been a subscriber to your magazine for a little over a year now and have enjoyed every copy.
"It was because of reading True West that I finally took my family on a vacation to Arizona that I have wanted to take since I was a kid. We saw a lot of the state in just a week. We went from Phoenix to Tombstone (met Buck Taylor) to the Grand Canyon and finally to Monument Valley (my favorite). And we got to see Sedona and all the red rocks.A plus we were not expecting was seeing all the indian cliff dwellings. It’s amazing to think how they lived. The only regret I have is not stopping in Cave Creek to see where you’re located.
"We were there during the 4th of July week when all the fires were surrounding Arizona.We will be coming back to your historical state. Keep all the great writing coming down to us in Alabama."
—Ken Payne

“If I had a child, and he subjected me to Steely Dan in any form, I'd tell him, ‘You probably want to make sure you can spell 'disinherited.'"
—Emma Bull

“Vicky Lane from Monroe, IN called and subscribed today. She saw you on
Encore Western’s True West Moments and noticed in the corner and looked us up, called and subscribed. She said that you ‘are something’!”
—Carole Glenn

"Americans love junk. It's not the junk that bothers me, it's the love."
—George Santayana

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