Monday, February 19, 2007

February 19, 2007
Still wrestling with what to do with the word balloons in the Top Secret Project. Here's some good advice I got last week:

A Carpenter's Take On Balloons
"Here's what they did with The 9/11 report: A Graphic Adaptation

"I offer this unsolicited opinion: use the balloons. The story and the art will win the day, not a tricky graphic design alternative to the tried and true balloon. Of course this is from a man who earned his undergraduate degree in literature by reading Classic Comics and whose master's thesis at the Biloxi School of Bartending was titled: Chic Young's Blondie: Cartoon tits as context within a postmodern nocturnal emissive cultural hegemony."
—Tom Carpenter

Worked on soldier scenes yesterday. Here's a Tom Horn study of him practicing roping with twine. The real Tom was a professional roper, in fact he won a very early Phoenix rodeo in 1888, so I gave him this little habit, mainly because when I was growing up, my Kingman cousins, all did this. They were always roping, even air roping. You couldn't talk to them without them making roping motions (kind of like a businessman doing his putting stroke in his office). Anyway here a study for that. Needs work, but I like his outfit:

One of the scenes in the Top Secret Project has a roomful of soldiers in a dusty and dak adobe. I worked on this effort for some time but unfortunately killed the effects. As it is, it looks more like Night of The Living Dead Troopers. Ha.

On Saturday I drove down into the Beast to attend a fund raiser for Terry Earp. She was hit by a truck while in a crosswalk on her bike. Fortunately she had her helmet on. She is recovering in Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado in Chistopher Reeves old room. The event was at the Sierra Bonita Grill, a new restauarant at Seventh Street and Glendale. Here's the official report on the money they raised:

"We had a very successful benefit tonight at Sierra Bonita for Terry and Wyatt. The place was jumping and the final total was $9826.00. Sheldon Knopp and Nate Hopper out did themselves and their staffs were just incredible. A couple of the young waiters came up after the event and gave me their tip money because the wanted to give it to Wyatt. Now that is a sweet thing. Wink and her staff were hopping and she came up with incredible auction items. They must have had 75 auction items at least. Linda Bilque it was great to see you and thanks for your donations. The lady that got the Hawaiian Spa gift was thrilled. Marshall donated books, Gary and Peg Sprague were there and bought some great items.

"Wyatt was moved so deeply by the event and the generosity. Everyone had a great time, the food was incredible, the staff at Sierra Bonita was wonderful.

"Bob Boze Bell came down and donated some great items and we thank him for coming as well. He's a hot auctioneer too. And folks if you need an auctioneer Marshall is your man, he and Bob got $700 in less than 5 minutes for a two night stay at the Phoenician. Money was flying around and yea I was the dudette counting it.

"Wyatt was at Sun Lakes this morning, with us this afternoon and then did a show at Rockin R so he will probably sleep well tonight.

"Bless each of you who gave your time, your love and your thoughts and ofcourse your money for this benefit tonight. Im still on a natural high. It feels good to help and Im sure you all know what I mean.
— Kathy, The Collins Group

I came in to the office early this morning to tweak the prototype before I leave. I'm flying to Cody today to see my mother. Then I'm flyiing all day tomorrow to make it to New York. May be spotty in here, depending on wi-fi in the multiple airports I'm going to be lounging in for the next 48 hours. Carole ticketed me on Friday and United quoted a price of $1,4650, but by the time I called to buy it, the price was $1,650. Expensive to fly at the last minute.

Onion Headline de Jour
Nation's Tall Asked To Stand Back

"My watch is three hours fast, and I can't fix it. So I'm going to move to New York."
—Steven Wright

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