Monday, February 05, 2007

February 5, 2007
Finally, some great weather! Sunny, high about eighty, both yesterday and today. Went for a long walk with Kathy and the dogs.

Worked hard on finishing set pieces for the Top Secret Project Prototype. Got another three pages done. Slow going.

I got this word from Mark Boardman, quoting a Jesse James site about the postponed Brad Pitt film. Here it is:

"Here are some comments by some show biz insiders who have seen previews of THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD: Holy S**t. It's so close to being a full-fledged masterpiece, it literally had me sitting there, saying things like 'Where the hell has Casey Affleck been?' He's a LOCK for some sort of major acting nod. Be it Globe, Oscar, something. Nobody comes out of this movie without viewing that guy in whole other light. Mindblowing. I'm not bullshi*ting you guys. He's that good. And Brad Pitt has never been better in a film. He too, should be lauded for what he accomplishes with that role. The guy projects a menace I've never seen and goes very, VERY deep.

"There are moments of still and utter silence between characters as tense and awkward and terrifying as anything you've ever seen. Andrew's ability to just allow a scene to develop gradually and let the audience watch and observe without the need for rampant schisms of rocket propelled editorial breaks is the mark of a true master.

"We throw words around like 'brilliant' and attach greatness to things that in the end don't really deserve that level of praise...This one DOES. I'm hoping Warner Brothers understands what this film can be and allows Andrew's cut to see the light of day. At nearly three hours it's something of such sublime, elegiac beauty and vicious intent, that I don't think we'll see a film like it for a long time to come.

"I went to a test screening of this film in Pasadena a few months ago ...Affleck is amazing in this film and Pitt keeps getting better with age. Sam Rockwell and Mary-Louise Parker are also great in the film.

"Very little dialogue is spoken by Pitt and when the violence is unleashed, it is brutal and real. I think the cut we saw was easily three hours.

"Shades of Terrence Malick, Sergio Leone, John Ford, Peckinpah. I was wondering what happened to this film. Glad to see Dominik is still toiling away on it. A close cousin to this film, in my opinion, is Unforgiven. Hopefully Warners will give this film the same treatment they gave Eastwood's.

"Also, the cinematography in this film is sublime and striking. Roger Deakins is one of my favorite DPs working today and his work on this film ranks with the work he did on O Brother, Where Art Thou. Actually the look of both films is very similar. Breathtaking cinematography.

"Brad Pitt has come a long way from the stoner in True Romance, (although that scene was great). Pitt has definitely proved himself to be a great actor and im glad this movie does that title even more justice.

"Three hours is an impressive runtime, I'd love to see everything Dominik wants us to, cuts can be a b*tch.
Wow. I really hope we get to see the same cut of this...Hopefully it wont be sliced and diced when it comes time to release it theatrically."
—Eric James

Onion Headline de Jour
Bashful Terrorists Won't Take Credit For Attack

"Don't f*** too much. Your paintings will be all the more spermatic."
—Vicent van Gogh

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