Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February 28, 2007 Bonus Blog
Here's living proof we become all that we encounter. A week ago, as I huddled in a United puddle-jumper on the way back from Cody, Wyoming to Denver, (on my way to New York from seeing my mom), I encounterd a subtle, sunrise, sky effect out the window. Somewhere over Thermopolis, Wyoming at about 6:40 in the morning, a thin, orange line appeared on the horizon and a dramatic, purple cloud dissected it, falling down into a blue-ish, purple, snow-clad landscape. I pulled out my sketchbookand and tried to get as much of it down as I could in the dim light. I was working with a black pen so I had to make notes as to the colors.

Cut to: New York City and the Jacob Javits Center: after walking the New York Comic Con and perusing (or should that be wallowing?) in all of the Manga-Anime-Yaoi style, I came home for lunch today to whip out a Honkytonk Sue for the May issue which goes out the door tomorrow. As I ate lunch I looked at my sketchbook for landscape inspiration and encountered the early morning sky sketch, then set about doing a pensive Sue, pushing the front of her hat up. I didn't think the snow was appropriate for Sue's world, but I poached the landscape and nailed the cloud, by the way. As for Sue, well, let's just say she's way more Yaoi than I'd ever admit:

—Old Cartoonist Saying

As for New York Sitings:
"I got a kick out of your New York stories which reminded me of the first and only time I was ever in the Big Apple. I had arrived a couple of days ahead of the rest of the cast and crew and decided to go for a walk around town with the production manager. We walked all the way up 5th Avenue to the CBS Building to check in with the producer, and on our way back to the hotel, we passed a smallish man in a suit who smiled, nodded and said, 'Hello' to us. It was only after we had continued on another few yards that my friend said to me: 'Was that who I think it was?' 'Yep,' I replied. And as we turned to take a second look, Ed Sullivan had already disappeared into the crowd."
—Steve Lodge

"If you can achieve action, you will achieve happiness."
— L. Ron Hubbard

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