Wednesday, February 21, 2007

February 21, 2007
After five airports, a "puff" security check, 8,000 air miles and 1,300 warnings about not leaving my baggage "unattended" I have arrived in New York. Now I need a pair of dress slacks or I can't have breakfast.

Since Carole Glenn booked my flight to Cody one way, and at the last minute ($1,650) I got flagged for being a security threat (thankyou Mohammed Atta!). Had to go to the airport on Sunday to personally pick up my ticket. When I called the toll free number for USAirways, I got some guy in India (thanks outsourcing bastards!) who, when I asked hm if there was a closer place to pick up my ticket (Sky Harbor is 40 miles from my house) he said, "You can go to Yuma."

So I spent three hours of my Sunday driving down into the Beast to pick up a damn ticket.

Flew all day Monday, with a stopover in Denver. Every flight oversold, and my connection to Cody was delayed for two hours so they could "find a crew". They found one coming in late from Durango, and we finally got airborne at eight at night. Got to Cody at 9:40 and to my mom's at ten. Thanks to Chris Randolph for picking me up at the Cody Airport!

Lou told me about my mom's condition (not good, she's not eating much, almost totally confined to hospital bed which they've put in her bedroom). Went in at 11 and woke her up. She was thrilled to see me, but kept saying, "When are you coming back?" I'm here now mom, I kept saying, but she was stuck on me coming back.

Lou woke me up at four, got back to the Cody airport at 5:40 and flew all day, arriving in New York last night at 7:20. Thanks to Bob Brink I am staying at the New York Athletic Club on South Central Park and I knew they had a rule about wearing a tie, jacket and good shoes, but when we tried to go to dinner they kicked me out for having on jeans.

More later. I'm gong to try to go to breakfast but I'm dreading this encounter:

"I'm sorry sir, no pants, no service."
—Head Dick

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