Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August 12, 2008
We´re checking out of the Queen´s Villa in Arequipa, headed up into the mountains. The shocking thing about Arequipa is it´s at 8,000 feet and it is their winter, but it´s maybe 80 in the daytime. Tomas says it´s the proximity to the equator.

Kathy is in the process of renting a taxi for the three hour ride to Tommy´s village. Going to be expensive ($100) but I´m not up for a bus ride. No stops and my old man bladder won´t handle that.

We´re still trying to figure out if we can go to Bolivia and San Vicente where Butch & Sundance cashed out. It´s 40 hours of travelling by air and by bus and by jeep. And it´s going to cost about $2K. Verdict still out.

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