Sunday, August 03, 2008

August 3, 2008

A new study printed in today's issue of The New York Times confirms the "six degrees of separation" theory, pegging the actual stat at 6.8, meaning you and I are 6.8 people away from everyone else on the planet. Don't believe it? Well, if someone asked me how many people I am removed from the Queen of England, I would venture it must be at least ten to twenty people away.


Received a couple photos from across the pond this morning. Fred Nolan sent me both photos (at left).

The bottom photo was taken last weekend at Paul Hutton's home (it had to go to England to get to me. Ha.).

Left to right: Bob McCubbin, BBB, Paul Hutton and Richard Ignarski. Fred attached this comment:

"Did you get any photos from the Hutton bash? I did and I see from them why Ignarski greeted you as he did [greeting me with "Hey, Bag of Bones"]. But then I cannot imagine you even as fat as Ignarski, let alone that guy with the beer belly to your left."
—Fred Nolan

Ah, British wit, barbed with a dash of ribbing. Mr. McCubbin should be proud of his stomach at his advanced age. No, wait. He says, "to your left." That would be my left, and the guy to the left of my left hand is The Top Secret Writer. And yes, he's proud of that gut.

Fred also included an amazing photo (top photo) of him, his wife Heidi (great hat, Honey!) and, well, the next King of England, followed by Fred, Heidi and, as Fred informs me: "Frederick Earl Howe, descendant of a great British naval hero and Chairman of the Trustees (of which I am one)."

So, I'm technically one person from the crown, and if you know me, you're two away. Amazing.

In a dark time, the eye begins to see."
—Theodore Roethke

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