Friday, October 10, 2008

October 10, 2008
Regarding the Wickenburg Woman's upset: truth is not something that is owned by liberals or conservatives. It's not sanctioned by Fox News, or CNN. They may claim it or run it in promos, but that doesn't make it true.

On the other hand, as my good friend Leon Metz has put it, "What people choose to believe is a fact in itself."

Damn, I wish I had said that!


“BBB, You must be doing something wrong. I'm a registered Independent and a couple of Dems. at work think I'm a Right Wing Radical. Go Figure.”
—Kip Coryea

Speaking of Buddy Boze Hatkiller, he survived his first night at his new home. The report is he went swimming and licked the water off the kid's faces (That-ah-Boy!) and slept soundly in his new bed, although he barked at coyotes this morning (that's his job).

The ex-mayor of Cave Creek sent me this email:

“If Buddy does not work out at his news address, let me know. Kelly [his daughter] has a strong interest.

“Think of the karma. You got rid of your dog. You gave him away. And he would get to remain in the same neighborhood and when walked on a leash, could irritate/terrorize the flatlanders. You would still be able to hear him from your patio. Just a thought. This is an insurance policy to ensure Buddy doesn’t have an affected life expectancy if the new locale does not work out.

“Cave Creek has changed from a territory of rugged individualists to a spoiled hamlet of urban refugees living in stucco McMansions yearning for an HOA board (homeowner associations) and a few more wretches just like themselves to gather in caffeinated bitchfests. They’ve brought their speed bumps, their asphalt, their higher fees and taxes, and a lot of Midwestern and eastern urban anger. Doubt many of them have ever ridden a horse, started a camp fire, hiked a trail without the assistance of a docent and an ‘interpretive amphitheater’ or gazed into the depths of the inner Grand Canyon and gotten that free lesson on geology and mortality. They’re afraid of the wildlife, they have no interest in the history of the Old West and if it wasn’t for the air conditioner, cell phone and convenient latte, life wouldn’t worth living west of the Pecos for most of them.

"Meanwhile, I am thinking about a CC bumper sticker, ‘If Dogs Don’t Like You, People Won’t Either,’ or ‘Leashes Are For Dogs, Muzzles Are For Bad Neighbors,’ or how about ‘The Horse Traveled The West, The Dog Protected the Homestead, & My Cat Can Still Identify Vermin,’ of ‘If You Need A Dog Park, You Probably Need a Friend.’”
—Tom Augherton

"Now THAT is the truth."

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