Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 16, 2008
Just got the office issues of the November-December True West and there's Mickey Free in all his one-eyed glory. Really impressive. Had to call The Top Secret Writer and share my excitement. Feels great to see all of our hard work in print.

I'm flying to New Mexico on Sunday night to film my part in a History Channel doc on cowboys.

Yesterday, Ken Amorosano was in town from New Mexico and he was raving about the new social media. He attended a seminar at the recent Folio Show and the bigtime media guys were all pushing Twitter and something called Ning?

Ironically, yesterday my good friend Jerry Scott, who writes two comic strips, "Baby Blues" and "Zit," had a gag about two kids sitting in class talking about an ancient time when students wrote notes and passed them to each other. One kid looks incredulous and says, "How long ago was that?" and the other replies, "BT: before Twitter."

So, anyway, back to Ken, who insisted that for the sake of the company I join Twitter and start posting today. Well, I didn't get to it yesterday, but this morning I had Meghan log me in and walk me through it. Seems very much like a blog for people who don't have time to blog. So, for what it's worth, I'm up there somewhere in the Twitterville and I don't really get the benefit yet, although I got this Twitter trail mail about fifteen minutes ago:

Saw the new True West T-Shirts on the BBB Blog today. Reminder to order some for Christmas.

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