Saturday, October 11, 2008

October 11, 2008
Very nice out, finally. Doors open for the first time in months. Buddy still at his try-out home and Peaches seems to be enjoying her only child status.

Working on a series of images for a new graphic novel to be named: El Kid. This would be the Native New Mexican version of Billy the Kid. We all know he favored a sugarloaf sombrero with a green hatband (he was Irish, of course). The story is going to feature him after the Lincoln County War, when he gravitated between Anton Chico, Puerto de Luna and Portales. Also Las Vegas (New Mexico) and Fort Sumner. He spoke Spanish fluently, loved to attend the bailes. And the ladies of the region, from Celsa, Paulita to Sally Chisum, all commented on his fine manners and excellent dancing skills.

What if we gave him a pinch of The Cisco Kid (who ironically was based on Billy) and a pinch of Hopalong Cassidy's "uniform"? Could that be cool?

Story to follow.

"I'm going to have this man's nino. I know there were other women, other babies. But this one shares my body. Billy has to live for his son. For me."
—Paulita Maxwell, as rendered by poet Kit Knight, 1994 (and quoted out of a new book: Billy the Kid: The Best Writings On The Infamous Outlaw, by Harold Dellinger)

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