Monday, December 01, 2008

December 1, 2008
Working late. Just finished my editorial for the January issue. Also whipped out a half dozen images for El Kid. Here's the last one:

Yes, it's based on a certain Latina bombshell named Salma. Worked also on Spanish translations with Deena Bell and her friend Patricia.

I'm leaving in the morning for the Booth Museum in Georgia. Doing a speech on Wednesday, which is a make good for the event I missed last April because of my own personal Wipeout.

Speaking of which, my band partner, Charlie Waters has come up with a tentative date for the Exits Exit, Part II. Yes, I will be playing drums with a heart monitor on (and hopefully projected on a screen so everyone at the charity event (which will be held at the Kingman Fairgrounds, which is quite a bit closer to the hospital) can see how I'm doing. The doctors who saved my life asked me if I'd do a charity benefit to raise money for defibrillators and I really couldn't say no.

"I'm too tired to find a quote."

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