Monday, December 15, 2008

December 15, 2008
One of the coolest days of the year. Supposed to only reach the fifties. Overcast. Looks like rain. Got some sprinkles the night before last.

Been noodling some cloud studies in the mornings to loosen up. Here is one from Saturday morning that came out nicely:

Still wrestling with studies for the Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid portrait. This one has some nice background noise, very photo found patina, which I love:

Not finished of course, but I'm thinking of the title, "Brothers In Arms: Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid."

Extraordinary Ad Placement
By now you've no doubt heard that our president almost got hit by a pair of flying shoes, while visiting Iraq. In this morning's Arizona Republic, New Balance shoes got picture perfect placement next to the article:

"He's the kind of politician who follows you through a revolving door and then comes out ahead of you."
—Old Politico Saying

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