Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December 30, 2008
Getting ready to attack the big oil painting of "Brother In Arms." So, on Sunday, I gathered all of my Pat Garrett props and threw them on an inexpensive model (me), and had Kathy shoot a dozen pics in the back yard.

After I finished the study I had numerous questions, or problems to solve, before I attack the big oil painting. In part, I wanted to know what the light would do to the buffalo coat as it went from direct light to shadow. I wanted to know what you could see of how the shadows would work on Garrett's hat if he turned to look into the sun, and I wanted to know exactly what shadows his rifle would produce. But most importantly I wanted to know how the light would reflect on Garrett's sheriff badge.

Since I had virtually every prop that Garrett's wearing I decided to put them on and take a series of photos to find out the answers. Here's a closeup by Ms. Radina of the items in question:

You may notice that I'm not wearing the buffalo cap. I took a series with that cap on, but I didn't like it as well as the broad brimmed hat series, so I'm considering changing to that headgear.

meanwhile, just for grins I tabulated the cost of my props and here they are:

• 1873 Winchester, $1,000 (a gift from Kathy, who bought it from John Gilchrease)

• Colts .45, $750 (bought used from Phoenix Pawn)

• Red River Gun Belt, $150

• Buffalo Coat, $300 (Big Bug Creek Antique Store)

• Custom, high top boots, $500 (Johnny Weinkauf bootmaker)

• Lincoln County Sheriff's badge, $260 (Badge collection)

• Vest, $75 (Custom suit from End of Trail)

• Cargo pants, $25 (Thomas Charles leftover bin)

And finally, the reason all of these props fit: a heart attack operation at Kingman Regional Hospital, $131,000 (Healthcare Net).


Gee, I wonder what the great Henri has to say about this?

"An artist who does not use his imagination, is a mechanic."
—Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

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