Monday, December 22, 2008

December 22, 2008
Worked most of the weekend on various paintings. Someone who reads this blog asked me if I was having any fun because I'm always "working" but that's misleading. Remember, it's only work if you'd rather be someplace else. And when I'm working on my art it's a beautiful thing. And fun (mostly).

Still working on clouds with varying success:

And, I've been pushing some studies farther to see where they'll go. Here's one (below) that ended up as "Mountains In The Sky." Rather Ed Mell-ish actually, although I didn't set out to do a homage to the Master:

Watched "The Tall T" last night. Kathy got me "The Films of Budd Boetticher" DVD collector's edition for my birthday. The five films in the collection all star Randolph Scott and are considered "spare adult Westerns." I remember most of the films, having seen them at the State Theatre in downtown Kingman. Randolph Scott was one of my favorite Western stars.

Ironically, two people came into my office last Friday who personally knew Boetticher. The first was Jeb Rosebrook (he wrote "Junior Bonner") and the second was Peter Brown (he starred in "Lawman" and dated Ann Margaret). Both had stories to tell. Amazing.

I'm also working on better text boxes for our new feature, Graphic Novelette. Trying to create an organic narrative box that doesn't look mechanically produced (by a computer).

The trick is to be so loose that it doesn't look contrived. Not as easy as it sounds, but a ton of fun to create:

I'm really looking for happy accidents, and it's a thrill to get drying spreads that are semi-controlled, but still spontaneous:

We had a bunch of fun at the True West Christmas Party at the Brinks on Friday night. I've decided that 2009 is the year of "Audacious and Courageous" for True West.

"When you learn to totally own a problem, the problem doesn't stand a chance."
—Steve Chandler

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