Friday, May 06, 2011

Al Herndon Is Headed Your Way

May 6, 2011

Got this off of Facebook this morning:

Christelle SoupletBob Boze Bell
cc Bob desoler de te derranger peut tu votez pour ma fille et eric c'est leur premier defi et faire tournez mille merci pour eux 2

Anybody know French?

Here's a landscape study I did yesterday morning before I came into work. Trying to back off, be more subtle, especially in the skies:

The Power of TV
I've been contacted by a viewer of the Outdoor Channel who saw me doing a Classic Gunfight on the show "Cowboys." The viewer noticed a skeleton painting I was working on in some B-roll that ran during the segment and wants to buy it. Here is the finished painting, which I call "Day of the Dead Billy":

Caught up with Al Herndon this morning (see yesterday's post) and he's on the road to Silver City. He had a great time in Tombstone, bought a 4X Stetson off of a re-enactor, then motored down to Bisbee, which he confessed was like landing in a hippie commune on top of a mining camp, which, when you think about it, pretty much nails the town.

He walked the streets until 11 last night, soaking up the history of the place, tried to stay at the Copper Queen but they were full, so he found a great little B&B, The High Desert Inn and spent the night there. He said he wanted to take the mine tour this morning but they didn't open until ten and he needed to hit the road. If you are in the Silver City area, let me know and let's give him a great big True West welcome.

As a matter of fact, if you are in the area of Kingston, Hillsboro, Glenwood, Mogollon, Reserve, Datil, Magdalena, Socorro, Capitan or Lincoln, let me know if you are available to give him the inside tour. I'd love to give this guy a real dose of Western hospitality.

"Everyone who travels out West wants to go down a dusty road and find history, great food and music and come away with great memories."
—Stuart Rosebrook

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