Monday, May 02, 2011

Ossama Geronimo Kid Connections

May 2, 2011

This is my 3,333rd post. Hmmmmm. A friend of mine, Allen Fossenkemper, just told me the Navy Seals who took out Ossama bin Laden had the code name "Geronimo!" for their mission, or was it the mission accomplished word?

As more details of the raid seep out, it is reminding me, more and more of Pat Garrett's mission in July of 1881, when spies told him the Kid was hiding in plain sight in about the last place you'd expect him to be—Fort Sumner, close to the capital of New Mexico. Traveling at night, with a hand-picked squad, Garrett caught the infamous outlaw with his pants down in the Maxwell mansion (a house without a phone or internet connections. I also believe they burned their trash). Shooting him in the dark, Garrett had the body buried in a hurry. And then the haggling over the reward began.

You can draw a direct line from the Kid, to Tupac and now Ossama.

Went home for lunch and pulled three paintings out of my M file. Had fun tweaking them all. Here's the first one, still in progress, which I am tentatively calling "Day of the Dead Sky."

Second one up, is this cave study with the glow of a campfire, off camera:

And third up is this pastoral desert floor scene, I am calling "Golden Slumber Summer".

This one has several layers to it, which adds to the twilight, or nocturnal aspect of the scene. Very instructive (for a learner like me).

"Quien es, ese?" (Who is it, man?)
—Ossama's last words according to a Navy Seal

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