Monday, May 16, 2011

Dixxy Diamond

May 16, 2011

We're doing an upcoming feature on "Viva, Outlaw Women," written by Stuart Rosebrook who did a great job rounding up all the hottest, Western movie outlaw actresses like Raquel Welch, Angie Dickenson, Jane Russell and Sharon Stone who have heated up the silver screen. Dan Harshberger did a great job laying it all out, plus a very smokin' hot cover (I ran a sneak peek at it last week).

Our production manager, Robert Ray, commented last Thursday that while the article is great, it brings outlaw women up to the present, but what about the future? Hmmmmmmm.

So, last weekend, I bailed into a whole batch of new outlaw women ripe for the picking. Here's one of them, Dixxy Diamond.

A trick rider who won the world but lost her heart to a rounder. Meanwhile, got another female outlaw character I have been noodling for some time, called La Gata. Here she is wreaking havoc on a Hazmat suited adversary.

I've long wanted to do a soiled dove character. Here's a work-in-progress of Moxie Lady: Queen of the Soiled Doves (leave your hat on).

But the one I am really excited about is Rattlesnake Kate. Last Saturday Kathy and I went to see "Bridesmaids." Really enjoyed it. I've been a big fan of Kristen Wiig ever since she nailed every sycophant assistant in "Knocked Up". Very funny, but the actress in "Bridesmaids" who totally blew me away is Melissa McCarthy, a bawdy, big-hearted lunatic. I'm telling you, Melissa is Rattlesnake Kate. Here are one page of sketches for the movie ad layouts:

Scrambling because the issue goes to Kansas City on Thursday.

"Talent is God given; be humble. fame is man-given; be thankful. Conceit is self-given; be careful."

—Old Vaquero Saying

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