Friday, May 27, 2011

Earl Radina Earns A Standing O

May 27, 2011

Earl Jasper "EJ" Radina graduated from high school this morning in the endzone at Cardinal Stadium, in Glendale. He gave the keynote address and received a standing ovation from the student body at the end of his speech. Given the restraints the school put him under (his original speech was heavily edited and he was "encouraged" to not use his hands, and he was reprimanded for walking "too aggressively" to the podium during rehearsal. Hey, he was excited), I would say it was nothing short of amazing that he pulled it off, but he did and I'm proud of him. A standing O. Incredible. Simply incredible.

Thanks to Allen Fossenkemper, here's the right way to pull True West magazines from the back of the newsstand rack to the front:

I have been noodling a new way to approach graphic novels to create a different way to illustrate narrative, like this page of scenes I did in 2009. I'm a sepia nut:

I just love that funky, found, faded sepia look. Need to keep noodling this for a unique new story telling device.

"Faded photographs, memories of our time together. . ."
—what classic rock song is that from?

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