Thursday, May 16, 2013

An In-din On An Indian In In-din Country

May 16, 2013
   When I do my six drawings in the morning I just let it fly and whatever comes into my mind while I'm noodling, I put down on the page. First, I was noodling a fifties bullet bra babe and that made me think of Lola Ginabrigida, then I thought of Lola Montez and that led me to Zona Montez (and suprisingly not to Chris Montez, the singer of the fifties classic "Let's Dance"):

The highway, at right is from a photo I took out at my father's last house in So Hi Estates at the edge of Golden Valley. At dusk I hiked up to some rocks south of his house and took a photo of a car speeding towards Highway 93 on a dirt road. I like the design and angles, which I plan on exploiting in a painting.

Fellow illustrator Gary Zaboly posts some pretty amazing photos on Facebook. Yesterday he posted a photo from about 1905-08 of an Indian in full head-dress astride an Indian motorcycle. This just tickled me to no end and I immediately saw it as a sequence I want to illustrate:

An In-din on an Indian Motorcycle in In-din Country (I'm using the Hualapai pronunciation of Indian, which they say as In-din, thus appropriating the totally insulting and wrong-headed term they have been saddled with since Columbus, and making it their own).

That is just zany stuff.

"A redneck told me to go home, so I put a teepee in his backyard."
—Navajo joke